Jun. 8th, 2017

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Dear Extreme Deadlines Writer: Hello and welcome to my weird rambling prompts! I'm honestly happy with anything that doesn't include my DNWs--most of these characters and pairs deserve so much more love!

A list of narrative things I love includes: identity play; fluffiness where you’d least expect it; regrets and reconciliation; amnesia; enemies being forced to work together; sad stories that somehow manage to end happily. I’d prefer if fic remain kayfabe-compliant--that is, the wrestlers don’t know how matches are going to go.

I’m perfectly happy with a G or PG romantic fic, or with a PG-13 fade to black story! But if you do decide to go NC-17, things I particularly enjoy include any variety of dubcon (sex pollen, magic rituals, forced into it by an enemy); D/s dynamics where the sub is either very into it or starts reluctant and gets into it; oral sex; handjobs; fealty and praise kink; masturbation; any kind of getting off without actual contact--via voice, phone sex, telepathy, magic, what have you. Cruelty is a turn-off, but people expecting cruelty and getting affection (whether D/s or not) is very nice.

Big DNWs include infidelity (please just assume this is a world in which any married wrestlers never got married in shippy fic); rape and non-con; anything where one person is humiliated or treated cruelly and doesn't enjoy it.

World Wrestling Entertainment: Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa; Kevin Owens/Finn Balor; Tyler Breeze/Fandango

At the non-shipping level, I would love anything about Sami and his friendships (good, bad, and ugly) in general! I love theories of Sami as a supernatural being--angel, demon, elemental? Run with any of them. Baron Corbin is also a blast to write--tell me more about this chip on his shoulder and what he thinks of the other people on the roster! I just think both of them would be a lot of fun for something plotty or something reflective.

Johnny/Tommaso: I’ve shed tears over these men, and I just want them back together. Tommaso, Johnny would never have abandoned you! And I refuse to believe that Johnny couldn’t get past it somehow, knowing the betrayal was rooted in panic and insecurity rather than hatred. Any kind of reconciliation would be wonderful, though feel free to drown me in angst before any eventual happy ending. Does Johnny reluctantly go out and find another partner (to get over Tommaso? To try and get revenge?) Do they end up clashing over the men’s title? Feel free to fantasy-book the rest of their feud while Tommaso is rehabbing!

Kevin/Finn: Finn’s 24 special left me really wanting to see these two together in fic. I’m taken with the idea that Kevin’s love for Finn is surprisingly pure and fluffy (secret cuddly romantic Kevin is A Thing I Like). I can easily imagine everyone (including Finn) assuming that Kevin would be obsessed with the Demon, but it turns out that no, he just wants to make Legos and go to the zoo and have romantic warm cuddly sex with Finn. (I feel a little guilty asking this, but Sami/Kevin is technically my OTP and I hate to see them “broken up,” so it might be best to be on the safe side and not put Sami into the story at all, even though I know he’d have Opinions about this situation). Set it during Finn’s rehab, or have them meet up now--I can easily imagine that being on different brands means Finn’s not a “threat” to Kevin and he can chill out a bit. Feel free to have fun (as long as it's good-natured and loving) with Kevin's body image issues--I believe he once answered "Which wrestler would you like to be" with "Finn, because HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE ABS?" Finn adoring Kevin's body and making him feel good about it would be lovely.

Tyler Breeze/Fandango: I am so smitten with the Fashion Police lately and would love to see any sort of casefic with them investigating the various crimes of fashion wrestlers are capable of (like fanny packs!) I also LOVE that they are telepathic now; please go to town with that. I'm also very here for mutual pining--if there is any pairing where I can believe that they're too dumb to notice the other person loves them, it would be this one.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling: Anything. ANYTHING. I mean, have fun, there is so much to play with! I want to know more about the Sea Creature, about Big Bart, about Chett Chetterly's sad love life. I understand that tragically Lethal Leap Year will never happen, but what will happen at the next PPV? There must be some repercussions...

New Japan Pro Wrestling: Also anything would make me happy! How does Naito feel about his ravaged belt? Why is he so cruel to it? What about Kota's secret life as an anime character? Kenny and Kazuchika have such a fraught, intense relationship, and I would love a more intimate version of it. Did they hook up after that amazing draw--or did they try to and just collapse, exhausted? How do these two warriors see each other?


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