Well, it's not a short story

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:21 pm
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The story I started the other day? That I thought would be a short? Nope, not a short. It's a novel. A new Drath novel with a lesbian/nonbinary intersex character in the middle of an action/adventure type mystery. I've got one and a half chapters and I already know there's going to be a whole hell of a lot of drama on this one. Hoping to keep it to about 50-60K but we'll see how the writing goes.

Especially since I have the seminar starting on Saturday. I'm in gear up phase, gathering things and trying to make sure I get it all done in time. Which, I hope, will including sewing those damned sushi leggings. Hasn't yet but I've gotten quite a lot of other stuff done so that's good.

I'm 200 shy of my steps for today which I'll get while my bath fills. I've managed to get the weights every day for about a week, right in time to go away and not have any weights to lift. *amused snort*

Also been doing pretty good on Inktober but there won't be one today. I'm out of time for it. Oh well, I'll work on it tomorrow. I'm happy I did 16 days straight. That's better than I expected.

I've got two stories uploaded for preorder so far. Eight more to go. I will do links... eventually. *winces*

Goals for tomorrow include ugh work, writing, getting the Now Available post up, getting a couple of Preorder Available posts up, uploading more stories for preorder, sewing those damned leggings, Inktober sketching (which you can find on my Instagram and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Tonight: 10/17/2017

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Tonight went really well.  It's the first time I've done a medium practice circle, and while I was there I met a couple people that also put one on.  So it was a good choice.  I think next week I will attend the Weekly mediation at 7.   I need to practice a bit more this muscle that I have just touched base on.  Tonight with all the people around me, I needed to have personal touch, which grounded me quite well.  I was not able to connect well with out it.  Once I had that, the information was easier to flow.  Narrowed on the energy centers. When we were working as a group towards a common goal or focus, it was easier.  But when we spit up to pairs, it was bit more difficult to practice. 

But all and all I had fun, and I got a little more snippets of information.

I'm glad I went.

Class with Margaret is going well.  I just need to start transcribing all my audio into paper, as well as transferring information onto paper as well.
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[if you’re new to the Journey, read this to see what we’re all about!]

by Gideon Marcus

Ah F&SF. What happened to one of my very favorite mags? That's a rhetorical question; Avram Davidson happened. The new editor has doubled down on the magazine's predilection for whimsical fantasy with disastrous (to me) results. Not only that, but it's even featuring few woman authors now than Amazing, of all mags. I am shaking my head, wishing this was all some Halloween-inspired nightmare. But no. Here it is in black and white with a forty cent price tag. Come check out this month's issue...but don't say I didn't warn you:

(see the rest at Galactic Journey!)

[ SECRET POST #3940 ]

Oct. 17th, 2017 06:42 pm
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Oct. 17th, 2017 03:48 pm
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The cauldron bubbled. They weren't sure that it was supposed to bubble. They cautiously added a drop of a milky blue liquid to the potion, and hoped for the best.

You can also read this series on Tumblr.

Mostly Links

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:44 am
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Bidding is open over at [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico.

[community profile] cap_ironman is accepting prompts for its holiday exchange community prompt pool. Read more here.

"Native-Land.ca: Our home on native land". Searchable map of North America's First Nations territories and pre-colonial histories. "There are over 630 different First Nations in Canada (and many more in the USA) and I am not sure of the right process to map territories, languages, and treaties respectfully - and I'm not even sure if it is possible to do respectfully. I am not at all sure about the right way to go about this project, so I would very much appreciate your input." (From [personal profile] umadoshi)

Death of a Modern Wolf by J.B. MacKinnon for Hakai Magazine
Once feared, vilified, and exterminated, the wolves of Vancouver Island face an entirely different threat: our fascination, our presence, and our selfies.

This wolf essay is really worth a read. I've worked with similar problems here (and know many of the people interviewed for the article), and it really frustrating and sad. Fortunately, our local animal has so far come to a happier ending.

(On a related note, I'll post the quiz answers this afternoon.)

I need a huge favor, please...

Oct. 17th, 2017 06:23 am
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Guys, I need to ask a huge favor, if you can't, it's completely fine and I understand. I hate to even ask.

We got another huge bill from Norton's Hospital about two weeks ago for one of Lee's last two infusions for his low iron levels. I was able to work with Norton's and got part of it put one our payment plan and paid off the rest. It was hard but I made it work.

Then we got another $450 bill for the second infusion therapy from the hospital on Friday. It didn't come until after they'd closed at 4pm. I wasn't able to call them about it until Monday, yesterday. I'd hoped to add it to our payment plan, too.

They told me if they added it, because our total is over $5000, that it'd make our monthly payments almost double what they are now. There's no way that we can afford that so I had to go ahead and pay the newest bill. That ate up pretty much everything we had to live on until the end of the month when Lee's paid again.

What makes it bad, and awful timing, is that Lee's leaving for Bloomington Wednesday morning for his three day conference trip for Statewide, he won't be home until Friday. He'll have some meals provided while he's there but not all, especially his dinners.

I'm going to take stuff to Half Price books and Clothes Mentor to sell today, plus I've got a bunch of stuff posted tonight to eBay, it's why I'm still up instead of sleeping like I should be. I just don't know if what I can make will be fast enough, or pay enough, for what we need.

If they do sell, though, it'll be a huge help. What I was hoping is that you'd help me spread the word about my having stuff up for sale. If you wouldn't mind doing it, here's the link:


If you see anything you'd like, but don't like using eBay, just let me know, we can figure out what postage will be then add it on. I can do checks but would prefer PayPal if possible. My PayPal addy is bstaton@iglou.com. If you don't have a PayPal account I can just invoice you for whatever you want to buy and then you can use either your debit or credit card to pay for it. I've done that for a couple of people and it works great.

I'm going to go try and grab a little sleep, I promise I'll check in later. Thanks, guys, as always, for listening! :)


(no subject)

Oct. 16th, 2017 07:50 pm
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I've written two fics! No pressure!

Dick/Tim sex pollen: Are the Stars Out Tonight?

Batman/Superman friendship/romance: Magnetic Field

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Oct. 16th, 2017 06:45 pm
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Oct. 16th, 2017 04:12 pm
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The jack-o-lantern was placed on the front porch, candle flickering in its mouth as the day turned into night. It sat on top of a large bale of hay in the center of a pair of lumpy gourds and a handful of miniature pumpkins. It was the final piece that tied it all together.

You can also read this series on Tumblr.

Rest In Peace, Roy Dotrice

Oct. 16th, 2017 03:56 pm
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Roy Dotrice has passed away at the age of 94. May he rest in peace.

I wasn’t sure who he was at first, since I’m not interested in Game of Thrones. That is, I didn’t realize who he was until I checked IMDB and saw that he had played Roger Wyndam-Pryce in one episode (Lineage) of Angel. Now I remember him. Looking through the rest of his filmography, I have also seen him in Nightmare Classics: Carmilla (1989), Tales From The Crypt (1972), and two episodes of Faerie Tale Theatre. He was also Zeus in three episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

I might need to track down his episode of Tales From The Darkside, wherein he plays "Vampire Count Jeffrey Draco."

Reading the News

Oct. 16th, 2017 12:38 pm
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(Canadian Edition)

Oh hey that's kind of cool: Mi'kmaq Grand Council flag symbol of change, acceptance for Indigenous Nova Scotians.

And they're adding an acknowledging the land bit in all their publications. Baby steps, but steps all the same. Good for you, Nova Scotia.

FUCK YOU, QUEBEC: Quebec set to pass law banning face coverings for anyone receiving public service — even a bus ride. (Couillard government will hold vote on Bill 62 aimed at establishing 'neutrality of the state.')

No, seriously, what is the matter with Quebec!? (I mean, I know the answer is "racism" but still, wow.)

Not Canadian, but cool: Black Panther trailer.

Conclusion: T'Challa's mom is SMOKING. I'm sorry. I'm shallow. (but she IS.)


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