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Title: Search and Rescue
Relationship: Clark/Bruce
Characters: Clark, Bruce, the League
Continuity: Justice League Unlimited
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: PG
Word Count 3000
Summary: Batman reluctantly goes to find a missing Superman. But why would a Kryptonian need rescuing?
Notes: For the WFGE! Prompt F23: Batman and Superman have a tumultuous relationship, but when Superman goes missing off world it is Batman who goes to search for him. Clark has gone through an ordeal that has caused amnesia. He doesn't know Batman or remember his past life. Bruce finds himself re evaluating his feelings for Clark.

I'm sure he's gotten sidetracked somewhere and is playing superhero on some worshipful planet and just forgotten to check in. They're probably building statues to him right now as he juggles mountains for their entertainment. I'll just go tell him the League can't function without him and would he pretty please hurry home, all right? )
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Title: From the Brim to the Dregs
Relationship: Clark/Bruce
Characters:Warnings/Spoilers: Vampirism
Rating: R
Word Count 1700
Summary: Clark is away on a mission, and Bruce is missing him in more ways than one.
Notes: Written for the WFGE! Prompt F10, Vampire!Bruce!

When it came to blood, he was something of a connoisseur, and only a Kryptonian vintage suited his palate. )
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Title: The Real World
Pairing: Clark/Bruce
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: PG
Word Count 1300
Summary: When Superman realizes that the world has shifted, he goes to his best friend for help.
Notes: Written for the World's Finest Gift Exchange! Prompt F5, "Superman is somehow blessed with the knowledge/memory of the old DCU (and flashpoint) and struggles to find his footing now that he realizes just how much the universe has changed."

Batman frowned, crossing his arms and looking up at the Kryptonian floating in the air a few feet above the Batcave floor. He knew Superman well enough by now to know that when Clark failed to put his feet on the floor, something was distressing him mightily. )
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Title: Cold Iron
Pairing: Clark/Bruce
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: PG
Word Count 3900
Summary: On a Solstice night, under a full moon, Batman is drawn into a world of beauty and danger.
Notes: Written for the World's Finest Gift Exchange! Prompt F8, "Clark/Kal is one of the Fey and Bruce is only human, how could it possibly work out?"

Between the pale trunks of the yellow beech trees he saw them coming, a retinue of white horses carrying figures in full plate armor that glimmered like moonlight on water. Most were silver, but a few were a pale steel-blue, and they were led by a knight wearing armor that seemed to be carved from pure sapphire. )
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Title: Lifeline
Pairing: Clark/Bruce, Dick Grayson
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Word Count 1400
Summary: Dick Grayson is in a San Francisco hospital bed and Bruce Wayne isn't taking it very well.
Notes: Written for the World's Finest Gift Exchange! Prompt F16, "Early in their careers, Clark and Bruce fell in love and raised Dick together as their son. When a teenaged Dick is seriously hurt during a Teen Titans mission, they maintain a vigil at his bedside, reminiscing about their lives together as a family."

Just come to his room now. You haven't been there once, Bruce. Come see our son. )


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