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Date: 2017-05-08 06:09 am (UTC)
YAY I have a Dreamwidth account, great. I totally forgot I've made it a long time ago. Anyway I tried to login and it works for me. YESSSS! :D

A variety of heads nodded, and Clark was pleased to see most of them start putting their phones away.
:lol I would be pleased too :))

The student lowered his hand. “Yeah,” he said. He was older than most of the other students, but he was wearing a backwards baseball cap and ripped jeans. His feet were propped up on the empty desk in front of him.
:D I like the description. :)

“No, it was really interesting,” the student said. “I learned a lot more this way, I think.”
Loved it.

“All right, I’ll bite: what are you doing in a Metropolis University classroom? I assume you didn’t just show up to debate journalism law with me.”
“No, but it was fun, wasn’t it?” Bruce Wayne said cheerfully,

They two are just adorable :)

It was sheer coincidence that I ran into Substitute Teacher Clark Kent here.”
Awesome coincidence. :D

“I learned so much today. You’re a fantastic teacher.”
I agree!

Clark put a hand to his chest, miming astonishment at the forwardess of this customer, then said “I’ll be done in about a half hour.”
“Get coffee with me after?”
Clark beamed. “I’d be delighted.”


Then he stopped and squinted at the sous chef. Who was staring at him.
“Oh, for the love of God,” hissed Bruce in annoyance from behind a fake mustache, “why are you here?”

Oh my gosh :)

Clark laughed softly. “It’s true. But then, you never needed needles to get under my skin,” he said. He lifted the white rosebud and slipped it behind Bruce’s ear. “And I’m beginning to think you marked me as yours long ago.”

His fingers touched the shell of Bruce’s ear and Bruce swallowed hard. “Clark--” he said.


“Is that unusual?” Bruce looked thoughtful. “Sometimes I lose track of what normal people do in situations like this.”
“It’s unusual.” Clark took a sip of his coffee. It was delicious, of course. “But then, we’re both pretty unusual.”

So true!

That was wonderful! Loved the story, loved Clark and Bruce in it and thanks for the Flash mention - much appreciated. :)
Thank you so much for posting it. xoxo
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