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I figure I'd better start properly using dreamwidth...

“Is this gonna be on the test?” he drawled.


soon Clark and the student were embroiled in a rapid-fire argument about promissory estoppal versus issue estoppal, as well as the doctrine of waiver and its effects on freedom of the press. Caulfield even took his feet off the desk and leaned forward, waving his hands as he disagreed and brought up counterpoints from legal cases from the last couple of centuries.


See? said Caulfield’s black, sardonic eyebrows. Clark ignored his eyebrows.

Ahhhhhh, this line made me giggle so much! :D

Substitute Teacher Clark Kent

*grins with glee*

“Be cool. Stay in school.”

*giggles* CLARK.

Bruce turned around and tipped his trilby up to get a better look, and they both froze.

*giggles even more*

Bruce decided to kill those thirty minutes by ambling around and requiring Clark to explain different gear to him


“But perhaps you have something... super-sized for me?”

*chokes* BRUCE.

“Come on, I really think I deserve to know why you’re working at a sex toy shop, Clark.”

“What,” Clark said, “I can’t moonlight for a little extra cash?”


“Oh, for the love of God,” hissed Bruce in annoyance from behind a fake mustache, “why are you here?”


“Well…” said Clark, and knew that the memory of the time Bruce had managed to reduce tomato soup to some kind of inedible orange slime was hanging in the air between them.

“I will have you know, sir, that the quality of our food is due entirely to our very excellent staff. I am merely overseeing the planning tonight.

Ahhhh, does this mean Bruce has Alfred stashed away in the back? P

He played another quick riff on the bass guitar, feeling the strings trembling beneath his fingers. It had been decades since he’d played.

Eeeeeee, Bruce playinf the guitar! :D

“Plus,” he added sheepishly after a moment, “I’m having fun.”

“Hmph,” said Bruce in a manner that he hoped expressed his disdain for the idea of having fun while on a case. Clark’s smile as he headed back to the keyboard suggested his success had been only partial at best.

Awwwww! *hearts them both*

Clark dropped his pencil.

Bruce glanced over at him, only the slightest quirk in his eyebrows betraying any emotion beyond “mild interest.” He folded the robe and sat down on the stool in the middle of the room, completely nude.

*falls over giggling*

Clark saw Bruce’s mouth tilt into a very slight smile as he fumbled for his pencils, stammering an apology. On a whim, he tried to capture the curve of that smile with a few quick lines before moving on to the neck and the curve of the spine winding downward. It was minimalistic, but… he tilted his head, looking at it. He kind of liked it.


Bruce, still wearing not a thing and seeming entirely unselfconscious about it, was checking Seth for weapons. After a moment, he stood up and put his bare foot squarely in the small of Seth’s back, then reached over and grabbed his robe to shrug around himself.

He looked over at Clark. “Found your missing student,” he said with a shrug.

“Well,” said Clark, “I foiled the attempt on your professor’s life.”

“Debatable,” said Bruce, but he was smiling.

Later, as the police were wrapping up interviewing the witnesses and “Derek” had long since vanished, Clark noticed that his little sketch had disappeared in the chaos as well.

THESE TWO. *hearts them*

Clark looked up from a vase overflowing with daisies and sunflowers to give Bruce a smile.

Eeeee, it's the sunflowers! :D

But then, you never needed needles to get under my skin,” he said. He lifted the white rosebud and slipped it behind Bruce’s ear. “And I’m beginning to think you marked me as yours long ago.”

His fingers touched the shell of Bruce’s ear and Bruce swallowed hard. “Clark--” he said.


“I was worried,” he said.

Batman frowned. “I’m not sure if I’m touched or offended.”

“--that the store might get trashed,” Superman went on gravely. “I should have known you’d manage it without breaking a single stem.”


He picked the white rosebud up from the counter where Bruce had dropped it to change into costume. “Consider this a thank-you for being so considerate.”

Batman took the rose from Superman with an eyeroll that could be seen even through the cowl.

He waited until Superman was well out of sight before slipping it into his utility belt.


By the time he’d gotten back from dropping the bikers off at the Metropolis police station last night, Batman was gone and only the Kasnian terrorists had remained, trussed up and glaring, with their hair liberally festooned with baby’s breath.

Ahhhahaha! That image made me laugh so much! :D


Bruce started scribbling on the cup.

“No, not Kal. Clark.”

“Ohhh.” Bruce scribbled the wrong name out. “Got it.”


“I was hoping this would be a funny and charming way to officially ask you out on a date.”

“You went undercover as a barista just to ask me out on a date?”

“Is that unusual?” Bruce looked thoughtful. “Sometimes I lose track of what normal people do in situations like this.”

“It’s unusual.” Clark took a sip of his coffee. It was delicious, of course. “But then, we’re both pretty unusual.”

“Is that a yes?” For just a moment, all the guarded irony fell away and Bruce looked ridiculously hopeful.

Clark leaned across the counter and kissed him, and it was far more delicious than the coffee. “That’s a yes,” he whispered as the customers applauded.

*squees and flails*

Ahhhhh, THIS WAS GLORIOUS! AND SO MUCH FUN TO READ! It really made my day, thank you so much for writing it! :D
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