Apr. 7th, 2016

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Dear creator: first off, thank you for being willing to create something for me! You’re fantastic and that you love any of these fandoms and characters makes me happy. My letter is more fic-focused, but when it comes to art, anything at all with the characters that fits the themes would be great. I have no idea if this is an uncool thing to mention, but if I’ve written fic about them and you happen to read it and want to illustrate a scene, that would be nifty!

Things I love in general: Kayfabe-compliant fic (that is, the wrestlers are authentically in combat, not RPF). Humor and romance, separately or together. Wrestlers teaming up against the odds, the two (or three) of them against the world. Regret and redemption. Pining, yearning, hoping for reciprocated feelings. Supernatural themes. I like gen or any kind of pairing, so any time I ask for an individual character you can feel free to pair them with any other. I love any rating of fic, but I have a particular love for characters thinking/fantasizing/talking about sex without the actual sex. I’m also a sucker for dubious consent starts that lead into enthusiastic sex.

Do Not Wants: Incest. Non-wrestling AUs (so for example, supernatural themes are great as long as everyone’s still a wrestler!). Scat, watersports, humiliation as a sexual kink. Permanent character death (resurrection or time travel fixes are fine).

New Japan Professional Wrestling/Ring of Honor: Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson

Who are they: Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) are the Elite, a small stable of foreign wrestlers that work in the top Japanese promotion and in Ring of Honor. They're cocky, they're brash, they're jerks, they make ridiculous and oddly homoerotic videos, they're awesome.
My Kenny Omega tag
My Young Bucks tag

What I'd like: anything with wacky kayfabe-compliant hijinks with these three. Feel free to build on any of the bizarre stuff in any of their videos or their over the top personae: what exactly does it MEAN to be a Master of the Dark Janitorial Arts? What about a behind the scenes look at the making of one of those videos? Do the Young Bucks actually solve all conflict with superkicks and fringe? If you like, a crossover with the WWE where they actually conflict with the New Day, in the arcade or the ring, would be very welcome. If you want to slash Kenny with Nick or Matt, feel free (there are heavy hints of both in the videos) but please don't put Nick and Matt together, or even close to each other in a sex scene, thanks (ridiculously goofy OTT jealousy would be fine though!) They also work together in the US a lot, so feel free to move the setting there if you'd rather not write a Japanese setting (but I'm pretty chill about Japanese details, I promise).

Lucha Underground: Fenix/Catrina; Johnny Mundo/Prince Puma

Who are they: Fenix is a masked wrestler who stands for eternal rebirth; Catrina is apparently a ghost woman with the power of death. They're ex-lovers, because this is Lucha Underground, so of course they are.

Johnny Mundo is a snarky, over-confident, jaded parkour wrestler; Prince Puma is an insanely talented, heroic, very young masked wrestler who may well be the incarnation of an Aztec god. They're rivals and they don't like each other much, which means they stare at each other and growl a lot: Johnny figuratively, Puma very literally.

I don’t have tags for these characters--not because I don’t love them, but because it’s harder to make gifsets from Lucha Underground!

What I'd like: with Fenix and Catrina, I would LOVE some backstory. How did their relationship start? They are simultaneously avatars of life and death and also a man and woman; anything that plays on this strange symbolic/real split would be fascinating.

With Johnny and Puma, my needs are simple: lots of flirt-fighting, snarling, taunting, with rival-sex if you are so inclined. Does Johnny, showing off, decide to prove he can cut an amazing promo even while receiving a blowjob? Do they get whammied with some kind of weird sex magic (this feels absolutely like it could be canon in LU) and end up in a fuck-or-die or sex pollen sort of situation? Do they just decide to beat each other up in the locker room and end up having sex? This all sounds delightful.

NXT: Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Jason Jordan/Chad Gable

Who are they: Shinsuke Nakamura is the deeply weird, crazy-sexy latest recruit for NXT. Asuka is the possibly-inhuman newest women’s champ who wavers between being an adorable young woman and a deeply scary murder machine. Jason and Chad are the best thing ever, a tag team of amateur wrestlers who canonically could not succeed until at last they found each other. They gaze at each other adoringly a LOT.
My Nakamura tag
My Chad and Jason tag
My Asuka tag

What I'd like: for Shinsuke, just about anything about settling into NXT and the US. Who does he make friends with? What does he find interesting or strange about his new surroundings? He knows Finn from their days in Japan together, how does that reunion go? Post-match locker room sex with Sami Zayn after their amazing match? I'm there for it. Feel free to pair him with anyone or no one (or everyone! I can see him working through the whole roster!)

For Asuka, again almost anything. How does she like being champ, especially after the amazingly popular Bayley? What's she thinking right now? How does she feel about her situation or the other women’s wrestlers? I could see her paired with any of the female wrestlers (or Nakamura, because everyone is either gay or straight for Nakamura. Can you tell I have a crush on Nakamura?), although of course Bayley would be a very natural and interesting choice. I really like supernatural elements in wrestling, and I love the idea that Asuka might not be fully human--run with that anywhere you want if you like.

With Jason and Chad, oh, if you could bring me some pining and shy adoration and oh-he-would-never-feel-the-same-way (BUT HE DOES) I would be so happy. Celebratory emotion turning into something else after their big win in Dallas? Jason was so overwhelmed and adorable, and Chad so proud of him--I love how Jason is the big tough protector of sweet talented Chad in the ring, and Chad is more the shield and protector of deeply vulnerable, emotional Jason out of the ring. Or set it early in their partnership, while Chad is pursuing him and Jason isn't sure. Or fantasy book into the future and give them their first Wrestlemania victory! Slashy friendship with no clinch is also perfectly acceptable with these two, I absolutely do not require a sex scene or even a kiss; I'm here for the emotional porn more than the physical porn.

Ring of Honor:
El Generico & Kevin Steen or El Generico/Kevin Steen

Who are they: Kevin Steen is wrestling’s worst nightmare, an evil and blood-soaked, vicious monster. El Generico is a masked luchador who speaks neither Spanish nor English and is the sweetest, most noble soul in wrestling. Together, for a long time, they made up two halves of the oddest, most interesting tag team in the business. Then, for a long time, they were bitter, bloody enemies. Finally Generico retired and has never been seen again, though Kevin has gone on to greater things in the WWE. My Steen/Generico tag

What I'd like: As you can tell from my summary, I'm very committed to the kayfabe that Generico and Sami Zayn are two different people and that Kevin was, implausibly, friends and maybe partners with both of them. That means Generico is actually from Mexico, actually wants to run an orphanage, etc.  Some different ideas I'd love to see:

--Fic set when Generico and Kevin were friends and getting along: life on the road, learning to work together very early on, celebrating their wins together as they progress, taking on the Ring of Honor locker room together. If you want to slash them, I love scenarios where guys talk themselves into fumbling, secretly eager experimentation.
--If you prefer dark, fic after Kevin’s turn, with Generico still loving him but hating him at the same time, would work for me. No rape or non-con, please--I know canon supports it but I'd rather not read it. Dubious consent, fucked-up thwarted desire, or painful friendship are all grand. One tiny moment where they connect again, perhaps? I love when characters fantasize about each other without actual sex, too, so feel free to run with that (Kevin can have non-con fantasies, I don’t mind that, I just don’t want the “real” Generico part of it).
--There's a tiny window just as Generico retires where they've actually made up. Anything giving extra closure to their relationship, slash or gen, would be lovely! Maybe Kevin goes to help him set up his orphanage? Or bittersweet making-out before Generico sets out into the sunset?
Finally, canonically Sami is around there in the background somewhere! Feel free to add him in any capacity as the oddly-similar-looking friend of both Kevin and Generico…


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