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This, I just had to stop reading (I was engrossed in the story) to do my write-along thing because now I finally know where this is going. You surprised me with all the other undercover meetups but now… life drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bruce is going to be the model OMG. SkjDHFGALDJFHGALJDSHFGDLASJHFGALSJHDF

(And before there was bassist!Bruce hilarious! And sexy! And Keyboard is sooo Clark’s instrument! And waiter!Bruce had me in stitches! And that meal made me so hungry I had to go to the kitchen to get some food. And OMG the sex toy shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bruce dropping all those not so subtle hints I CAN’T WAIT to find out how this ends! And Bruce+trilby=SEXINESS And Bruce telling Clark to “Be cool. Stay in school.” just had me laughing out loud.)

“Derek” smiled and nodded at everyone politely, and with no ceremony or coyness, took off the robe.
Clark dropped his pencil.


There were a lot of impressive muscles and sinews on display, after all, a lot of scars that wound around limbs like vines or etched skin with a delicate filigree of past pain.

Interesting that he hadn’t tried to cover them up. Then again, so many people so closely looking (and I KNOW how closely an artist looks for all the shades of colour in human skin) that would have come out eventually. Oh god, just the thought of having Bruce be still and sit there for drawing him nude…*fans self* THANK you for another inspiring image to keep forever.

Clark couldn’t blame anyone for becoming engrossed in looking at the way the light touched it, at the way it moved slightly with his breath, at--

Slightly behind him, the teacher cleared her throat. “I’m looking forward to seeing your style, Mr. Wyeth,” she said to Clark. “Just as soon as you begin.”


HRNGH. Bruce dealing with Seth all while being nude. I’d PAY a lot of money to see that for real.

Clark noticed that his little sketch had disappeared in the chaos as well.


Relatively charming enough that his heartbeat picked up annoyingly.


“I’d hate to damage Lien’s reputation by doing subpar work,” Clark said.

So Clark! And now I have an image of florist!Clark in my mind. So lovely!

Clark said, using one of his rosebuds to tap the back of Bruce’s hand. He trailed the flower up Bruce’s arm, tracing the elaborate loops and whorls that embraced his forearms. Bruce repressed a shiver.

I know how you feel Bruce. I mean you’ve been writing them for SUCH a long time and you still come up with those new DELICIOUS and INSPIRING moments between them. I’ll eat a hat if that has been written before.

“I could get a nice bat-tattoo. There seems something very intimate about letting someone mark your skin like that.”

Bruce’s mouth was dry. “The needles would just break on your skin,” he said.

Sexy banter alsjdhfgljdhaldkfgasldjfhgasljdhfgaljh

Kasnian terrorists had remained, trussed up and glaring, with their hair liberally festooned with baby’s breath


“You went undercover as a barista just to ask me out on a date?”

“Is that unusual?” Bruce looked thoughtful. “Sometimes I lose track of what normal people do in situations like this.”

Perfectly charming ending. Ah well I’ll have to imagine myself what they’ll do with Bruce’s shopping haul from the sex shop.
It was great to read a longer fic with those two again!
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