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executing a perfectly-calibrated Aehtaeasean bow, complete with exquisitely proper finger motions.

OF COURSE he perfected it in many hours of study. ♥

He hoped Bruce thought he’d been doing it on purpose.

Clark ♥

and all the usual revelries

Ominous ominous. To the experienced Star Trek/ DC Justice League reader. YAY for your tags *giggles *

Thanks a lot,” he muttered. “As if I don’t have to attend enough pointless parties on Earth.”

Ah grumpy Bruce, how I have missed you.

“Don’t be a grouchy old fogey.

LOL even if I don‘t know fogey, the onomatopoetic sounds say it all. And Clark you DORK. Late 18th century origin indeed (I looked it up). I assume this word is old fashioned today right?

Bruce looked thoughtful for a second, then smiled: a slow, thoughtful smile that made Clark’s heart turn over oddly.

I sense *drumroll * a SCHEME! Bruce wants to amuse himself somehow by making Clark uncomfortable, I just know it. And poor Clark. There‘s no resisting a Bruce smile.

Because you’ll be there,

Clark you are so gone for him. Applause!

shifting, silky fabric.

Ooooooooh! This reminds me of another of your fics. I can‘t for the life of me remember which one it was. But it featured alien see-through garments and glitter body paint I believe… or maybe I‘m confusing it with another fic. I can‘t wait!

Bruce looked up from an armful of silvery-gray cloth. “It’s exquisite,” he said gravely, with no laughter or irony in his voice at all. “You even included a mask. Thank you.”

*brain goes into overdrive imagining the final vision of them in those clothes *

One strong breeze and I’m going to create an intergalactic incident.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Bruce said

CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK. Bruce you devil. Don‘t keep everything to yourself.

which was made of some kind of black metal filigree


The metal was like lace

Exactly like I imagined.

“Oh geez,” he said, looking down at the scarlet cloth as it rippled around him.

Smallville Clark I adore you.

“You look exquisite,” Bruce said. Clark shot him a sharp look,

Smooth Bruce is also a favourite. Who am I kidding, every Bruce is a favourite.

Clark tried to avert his eyes politely from six places at once.

Poor Clark. And what a uniquely Clarkian sentence.

“Ah, Kansas public education,” Bruce said sorrowfully.

he is having so. Much. Fun. … Internally.

“May your pleasure be a seal unto all our hearts.”

What a motto.

Bruce’s elbow managed to find a gap in the silken robe and hit his ribs. Clark hoped he’d banged his funny bone.

That‘s so Clark.

Another deep groan of bliss reached Clark’s ears, so intensely satisfied that his toes almost curled. I wonder what Bruce would sound like--

Don‘t we all…

“Oh, I-- I don’t know if-- I-- I mean, it’s not that you’re not, uh--” said Clark, then stopped himself from stammering anything even more stupid.

“I invited Superman just before you arrived, Chancellor. My regrets,” Bruce cut in.

Mmmh. More smooth Bruce…

She slipped her fingers under his robe to caress herself and then Cerdeph’s head, and Clark heard Bruce swallow hard.

Wait. Whose robe? I‘m confused. I think under her robe? Or did I get the sexes confused?

Bruce was about a foot behind him to the left,

That‘s. Of course. Having Clark‘s back. Being able to admire freely.

“Sorry about laying claim to you like that,” Bruce said in English, dropping the Interlac. “I figured you might be uneasy about not knowing Aehtaeasean biology or anatomy and wouldn’t want to risk a diplomatic incident.”

Of course. Entirely rational reasoning.

Bruce tilted his head, puzzled. “Look like?”

“I’m sure you’ve got a plan to--so we don’t--”

Oh no. You won‘t get out of this.

“Clark, that’s not something I feel comfortable faking. Not when it’s so important to this alliance that the pleasure be legitimate.” The grimace shifted into something more tentative, almost vulnerable. “Do you not… I can ask Dheaevel to come back and--”

Hnnnng. Vulnerable Bruce.

The kiss was tentative and gentle right up until the moment it finally, truly dawned on Clark that he was actually kissing Bruce Wayne.

Shortly after that, Clark found himself straddling Bruce,

Yup. Get with the program Clark.

Bruce’s hair was a wild tangle against the beige brocade, and Clark blurted out, “I never get to see you masked but with your hair showing. It’s like-- It’s like you’re both of you at once.”

Delicious identity pron.

Lksdfgalksjdfhladhfkajh I want to comment on knuckle kissing and ears but ökJDSFHlksdgflKJSDFHksjdfh

a lazy predatory smile that blended playboy and vigilante in terrifyingly exhilarating ways. “You have no idea how much I was hoping you’d say that,” Bruce murmured.

just. More keysmash.

“Would the gentlesirs care for lubricant?”

This really made me laugh.

“But let’s start slow. Give them a show.”

I am going to die. How do I deserve this? HHHNG

“I guess I should do my best to relax and enjoy myself, huh?”

“I think I can help with that,” Bruce said, and shifted his touch to encircle the base of Clark’s cock,

I shudder to think what‘ll happen when Bruce gets COMPETITIVE. I recall something about 10 times mentioned earlier. Only his concern for Clark‘s well being and comfort would temper that impulse.

I could call it GothLube--”

BRUCE! *Swats him *

Wait. No fingering? Did I miss it? Damn I had been looking forward to that.

“You’re so good,” Clark said without thinking, and Bruce made a startled noise, as if he’d never imagined anyone saying something so simple and direct to him.

Mmmh praise kink. YAY!

“Humans may have invented Teflon and velcro to get to the moon, but this planet has made huge technological advances in the service of diplomatic orgies,”

LOL! Only in DC fic. Maybe Star Trek as well. LOL

Clark listened to the cries and moans of pleasure, the approving applause, the vendors hawking aphrodisiacs, and Bruce’s soft breathing, and what he heard was peace, peace, peace.

I‘ve never heard a more elaborate way for „Make love, not war“. Bravo.

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