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Additional Tags: Sex Toys, Sex Toys Under Clothing, Semi-Public Sex, Butt Plugs


Clark dropped a kiss on the back of Bruce’s neck where the cowl was pulled down

GUH. Lovely. Partway unclothed is ever so much sexier than completely unclothed.

the Fortress address Bruce with the title that meant “mate of the master.” He’d tried to teach it not to, but Bruce had huffed a bit and said he didn’t mind that much.

Um. Yes. Language kink, check. Possessiveness kink, check. I just imagine Bruce getting a little warm feeling whenever he hears that disembodied voice calling him that in Kryptonian.

“That,” he finally said, “is not an escrima stick.”

“It...is not,” Bruce said, his voice flat.

Hehe, additional tags, you have spoilt me. But what FUN!

The shimmering image hanging in front of them did a full rotation.

“...a butt plug,” Clark finally said.

Just imagining a rotating, holographic crystal butt plug with Bruce‘s uncomfortably caught out expression and Clark‘s thoughtful one is HILARIOUS.

The design seems sound.”

“Of course it is,” Bruce huffed.

How dare you cast aspersions on anything Bruce designed. *gigglesnort*

“That sounds...intense,” Bruce said, shifting from foot to foot.


“Imagine having that firmly in place, giving you occasional jolts of pure pleasure that seem to light up your body and your brain at once, blotting out every other thing in the world.”

Bruce made a thoughtful noise.

… and died a little inside in anticipation. Oh I see where this is going. This is your trademark NOT-sex Sex. Oh the glee I feel inside!

until you finally couldn’t stand it and--”

“--I could handle it,” Bruce said with finality.

LOL. Of course that‘s what Bruce would fixate on. Why do I have a need to see Clark control Bruce like this. The mental image is delicious.

“I didn’t spend years learning esoteric meditation techniques to get broken down by some alien sex toy.”

… that I designed. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. To have Bruce saying lines like that in complete seriousness makes my day!

“Blurting that out in the middle of a social function might be a little--”

Clark felt his eyebrows go up. “We’re doing this in public?”

Oh YES, Bruce wants this very much.

“How will I know when you’ve given up?”

“I won’t.”

Oh Bruce, I believe you are looking forward to failing spectacularly almost as much as I do.

“Bruce Wayne’s got a fundraiser in seven hours,” Bruce said. “So let’s get a move on.”

Oooooooh, this is a treat. Mithen-written Superbat kinky Kryptonian-aided sexy games in public. *dies * ETA: so not-sex and sex all in one fic. YUM.

Almost time to start pressing the flesh.

Oh, I think that line has a double meaning, but I‘m not sure. It usually means „shaking hands“ doesn‘t it?

“utterly failed hipster mode” for his civilian disguise: suspenders, a bow tie, a trilby, the works.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT? OH ERUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (inappropriate reference is inappropriate). Hipster!Clark? With suspenders and a trilby! You have broken my brain, really you have. How is he going to hide his physique if he‘s not wearing his baggy suits? Oh my, but the mental image I have is Clark Kent in a Doctor Who outfit. *brain sizzles in overload * How you manage to surprise me with your delightful ideas!

(and in Bruce’s opinion, unintentionally and paradoxically sexy).


O Eru, the whole concept of this fic just…. ösdlgmnae#däfpbilhbW;NBAFLDSHVAGLJ

and with no further warning pursed his lips almost imperceptibly.

Voice activated! It‘s like language kink in a delicious new form! I don‘t think I‘ve seen this done before, bravo.

“Oh,” he said, struggling to keep his expression neutral. “Okay. Yes. I felt that.”

“That’s the lowest setting,” Clark said, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

FAIL. SPECTACULARLY. *points above*

a gaze that hit Clark like a bolt of pure electricity: Look at me, his eyes said. Look at my face as you fuck me in front of every one of these people and see what you do to me.

You are KILLING me. In a good way.

Lavinia was startled to hear that reporter a few seats away say it at exactly the same time, his voice breaking.

AH, I was wondering how far away Clark actually sat from him.

And wow, I wouldn‘t have thought Bruce would hold out, even knowing his impressive self control. The change in POV at the end was quite effective I thought. And just thinking of Clark listening with the utmost concentration to every hum, hitch of breath and stuttered heartbeat makes it all even hotter *glassy eyes *

You‘ve outdone yourself again. THANK YOU.
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