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--Got any premises on the back burner that you'd care to share?

I'm alive! And writing! I went to my beta in despair about my love story ending and he helped me restructure it so it felt more authentic and less wooden, and I ended up happy with it, so that's good! I hope you're all finding some authenticity and joy in your writing this week.

Haha, I have about 12 prompts sitting in my DC folder and about 30 or so in my wrestling folder, so yeah, I have a lot of back burner ideas. Wrestling canon is rumored to be planning to pull the rug out from under me and separate my OTP (by doing the equivalent of putting them in different comic book titles where they won't interact anymore), so I'm worried about the fate of some of the prompts. But on the other hand, that separation's been rumored since July, so any time I get is bonus. Also, comic books have taught me well how to blithely ignore canon...

Let's see, "Bruce and Clark go to Applebee's" is one prompt listing. "Sami and Kevin bodyswap" is there as well, because every OTP needs a bodyswap fic. Heck, that one might work BETTER if they're separated. Silver linings...


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